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About the 3-1-1 mobile app

The Austin 3-1-1 smartphone app makes it possible for residents to create service requests with their smartphones and attach photos related to their service request. Citizens can also track the status and location of their service requests.

Smart Phone App Overview

The Austin 3-1-1 smartphone app is your 24/7 on-the-go connection to City services. Information and photos provided allow City departments to efficiently assess, prioritize and respond to your requests. It is a free app available for use on Android and iOS smartphones. Users can download the app from the open_in_new or open_in_new. Users with other mobile devices can access it at open_in_new.

Austin 3-1-1 completed more than 200,000 service requests, but with your help, and reporting Austin 3-1-1 can respond to even more. Our goal is 1st contact resolution of any concerns in our community.

With the Austin 3-1-1 smartphone app, citizens can work together to make Austin the most livable city in the country. The smartphone app is equipped with several features helping you to report concerns within the City of Austin.

Using the Austin 3-1-1 smartphone app to submit a service request is fast and easy. Information sent from the smartphone app goes directly to the City department responsible for responding to the issue. This saves time and reduces errors. The only exception is the category ‘OTHER’, which is reviewed by Austin 3-1-1 and linked to the appropriate Service Request for action.

Users can submit requests anonymously; however, they are encouraged to enter their contact information so City departments can contact them if they have questions.

Photos are not required, but if possible are encouraged. Users who don’t add photos must provide a description of the issue. Austin 3-1-1 mobile app will not share photos with the public.

Go to Make a 3-1-1 public service requestopen_in_new for details on service request types.

No matter how you submit a 3-1-1 public service request, you will have multiple avenues for checking the status.open_in_new

Having issues using the app? Use these troubleshooting stepsopen_in_new.

Application main menu features:

  • My favorites: Allows you to bookmark any service request for quick reference and to receive notifications regarding the status of your request. To bookmark a request, click the star icon at the top right corner of the service request.
  • Reporter: Allows you to save your contact information, to make future reports that much easier.
  • Show on map: Lets you see locations where requests have recently been reported.
  • FAQ: Link to frequently asked questions and mobile app help files.
  • Recent: A list of recently submitted mobile app service requests.

Questions and concerns regarding the Austin 3-1-1 smartphone app may be sent to

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Austin 3-1-1 smartphone app without enabling ‘location services’ or GPS on my device?

  • Apple devices must enable “location services” or GPS in order to submit requests and automatically detect your location through the Austin 3-1-1 smartphone app. If you happen to not be at the location where service is needed when you use the app, please use the map feature to re-locate the issue to the correct address. Please see your phone’s manual for turning on GPS services.
  • Android devices may submit requests through the Austin 3-1-1 smartphone app without activating “location services” or GPS.  However, in order for the app to automatically detect your specific location, “location services” or GPS must be enabled on the Android device. You may also manually tap and drag the pin to the correct location. Please see your phone’s manual for turning on GPS services.

How do I specify or edit the problem location?

  • Your phone’s GPS will automatically find your location and use that as the problem location. To change the location, press and hold the map marker to drag it to the desired address. Then click OK at the top right of the screen.
  • If you take a photo of the problem and then change your location before submitting the report, be sure to point the map marker to the correct location of the problem.

What does the ‘share with public’ checkbox mean? Who am I sharing the information with?

  • If the box is checked, Austin 3-1-1 smartphone users can see your service request on a list and map of the last 100 service requests submitted. Your contact information will not be shared with other users, only the information relevant to the service request. Uncheck the box if you do not wish to share the information from your service request. The open_in_new website allows the public to view a list of requests that have been submitted via the smartphone app and this website. There are additional ways to view services submitted by type and status on the website.

Why do I only see my submitted photos in the smartphone app?

  • Due to privacy concerns, photos are sent only to the City department processing the service request therefore they are not shared with the public.

Do I have to provide my personal information to submit a service request via the smartphone app, the website or by calling 3-1-1?

  • Depending on the concern, some City of Austin services may require your name and contact information in order to initiate the request. The Austin 3-1-1 smartphone app allows anonymous submissions; however, if contact information is not provided, it may limit the department’s ability to effectively respond to your request (example: to obtain more detail if required to fulfill the request). If you provide your email address at time of submission, you will also receive an automated confirmation email with your service request number. If a phone number is provided, The City may contact you for more information on the request. If phone notifications are enabled, you will receive a ‘badge’ or ‘alert’ from 3-1-1 that will advise when the reported issue is changed to ‘closed.’

Is my personal information secured? How is my information being protected, secured or stored?

What and how can I search on the open_in_new mobile website?

  • The app is available for Android and iPhone, but all smartphone users such as BlackBerry and Windows phone users, can submit or review requests via open_in_new. The search box will allow you to search for keywords in the description field of submitted Service Requests. It will not allow you to search for address or answers to questions.

What are the statuses of a service request? What do they mean?

  • There are three terms describing your service requests:
    • ‘Submitted’ is used when the issue has been successfully accepted with the application within the Customer Service Request System (CSR).
    • ‘Open’ status to use when an SR is currently being processed within CSR.
    • ‘Closed’ status to use when an SR is completed within CSR.

Why does the service request that I submitted display military time in My Requests and Recent list?

  • Your phone settings are likely set to military time. The system will transfer the time as programmed in your phone. Changing your phone’s time format settings to standard time will then display standard time.

What will the City of Austin do if users submit inappropriate photos and/or spam via the smartphone app?

  • Submitting inappropriate photos or spamming the Austin 3-1-1 smartphone app is a violation of the smartphone app’s Terms of Service. When inappropriate photos are flagged by City employees, the City has the right to remove the materials. The City can also block the device from using the app limiting future submissions.

How do I report technical issues of feedback regarding Austin 3-1-1 smartphone app?

  • Please call 3-1-1 or 512-974-2000 to report any technical issues.

Where can I find other City of Austin smartphone apps?

  • City of Austin smartphone apps can be found at the open_in_new

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