A new website for the City of Austin

With your help, the City is building a new website to meet your needs.

We are the Office of Design and Delivery, and we’re building a new website for Austin.

Why are there two websites?

We're helping transition the City of Austin’s website from austintexas.gov to alpha.austin.gov. We’re designing the new website to be more accessible and resident-centered, and easier for City workers to manage and update. We will continue to link to austintexas.govopen_in_new until the transition is complete, so you might see old and new pages linking to each other.

If you can’t find what you're looking for here, please visit austintexas.govopen_in_new.

If you want to share feedback and help make the website better, you can sign up to participate in user researchopen_in_new with our team. Thank you for your help!

What’s next?

More services and information

The Office of Design and Delivery is currently working with Austin Public Health, Office of Police Oversight, and Municipal Court to transition content. In the future, we will continue working with more City departments to archive old content, and to create, edit, and update relevant content. We will also continue to develop new features to fit the needs of the residents and City workers.

More languages

We are now providing all the content on alpha.austin.gov in both English and Spanish, but we are also working toward providing content in the other top six languages spoken in Austin. For assistance from city staff members in your language, call the Language Access coordinator at (512) 974-6745.

What is the Office of Design and Delivery?

We design and build services for Austin's residents that grow and adapt with their needs, including this website. We have 6 core principles that guide our work.

  1. Put residents first.
  2. Prioritize equity when planning features & functionality.
  3. Recognize that digital services require teams and competencies, not just software.
  4. Cultivate a community of learning.
  5. Champion iterative, data-informed methods.
  6. Support vendors that can prove value to residents.

Learn more about how we work

We always want to hear from residents, share our work, and connect with potential civic collaborators. Find us on Twitteropen_in_new and Mediumopen_in_new, or send us an email at odd@austintexas.gov.

You can also sign up to participate in user researchopen_in_new with our office.


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