Apply for your 2nd community garden check-in

Once you've gathered letters of support and drafted documents for your garden, send that to the community gardens coordinator and have an on-site meeting.

This service is a part of:
This service is a part of:
  1. Gather the following documents:

    • Memorandum of Understanding from a nonprofit
    • Letters of support from the community
    • Garden rules
    • Membership agreement
    • Timeline
    • Budget and fundraising plan for the first year

    Please read the pages on letters of supportopen_in_new and garden documentationopen_in_new for details.

  2. Submit these documents to the community gardens coordinator.

  3. Approximately two weeks after your submission, be ready to attend an meeting at the garden site between:

    • The garden's coordinating committee
    • The community gardens coordinator
    • Other city representatives, such as a Park Forestry representative
    • Representatives from other organizations (optional)

    We will discuss:

    • Your application packet, which includes the application you submitted at the 1st check-in, plus the new documents listed above
    • Early thoughts on garden design
    • Next steps

Contact information


Contact information


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