Participate in research with the City of Austin

Our goal is to design and build services that grow and adapt with residents’ needs. To do this, we look for people to share their experiences, give feedback, and help us improve.

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We are interested in working with a variety of people. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or a frequent user of digital technology to participate. If you live in Austin, you are eligible. We provide language support for Spanish, Arabic and Vietnamese.

What can I expect when participating in user research and testing with the City of Austin?

We conduct various types of research. We talk with residents about their experiences, watch them use the city's website and services, and/or ask them to test out new features.

We’ll get in touch to schedule time with you.

When you sign up to participate in user research, we will contact you when we need to test services or features relevant to you. If you’re interested, we’ll work with you to schedule some testing sessions. We are currently conducting all testing remotely. We generally conduct in-person research in library conference rooms closest to you.

We’ll compensate you for your time.

We compensate everyone with gift cards after they participate in research with us.

Sign-up to participate in user researchopen_in_new

If you’re interested in supporting our research efforts in another way, get in touch with Anu Kandimalla, user research coordinator, at Learn more about the Office of Design & Delivery’s service-oriented work that puts residents first by visiting our websiteopen_in_new.


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