Participate in research with the City of Austin

At the City of Austin, our goal is to design and build services that grow and adapt with residents’ needs. To make sure we meet that goal, we always work directly with residents.

We are always looking for people who want to share their experiences, give feedback, and help us improve. We talk with residents about their experiences, watch them use the city's website and services, and ask them to test out new features.

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What can I expect when participating in user research and testing with the City of Austin?

We’ll ask you some questions.

We want to design solutions that work for everyone in our diverse city. Based on the information received from sign-ups, we will be reaching out to diverse participants. We will contact you if we need to test services or features relevant to you.

We’ll get in touch.

We’ll reach out to give you more information about the project. If you’re interested, we’ll work with you to schedule some testing sessions. Sessions may be online or in person.

We want to make it easy for all Austinites to participate.

We’ll respect your time.

We know some Austinites might have to go out of their way to be involved in research with us. We compensate everyone with gift cards after they participate in research with us.

We’ll meet you where you are.

When possible, we can meet you at your neighborhood library. For privacy, we reserve conference rooms.

If you’re interested in supporting our research efforts in another way, get in touch with Anu Kandimalla, user research coordinator, at

Sign-up to participate in user research


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