Steps for getting a community garden permit

The community garden permit application process requires these steps for a successful community garden. If your permit is approved, you can use City-owned land and Austin Water will install the garden's water tap for free.

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Community garden requirements

  • At least 4 dedicated volunteers who don't share a household and are not family must operate and maintain the garden.
  • The garden must be open to the public at least once a month.
  • Harvested items are not for commercial use.
  • Gardens must use sustainable urban agriculture practices, including composting and avoiding pesticides.

Time frame

On average, the permitting process takes a year and is divided into 3 phases, with a check-in at the end of each phase.

If you are interested in starting a community garden on a faster timeline, consider a partnership with a neighborhood or community center. You will still need to work with the community gardens coordinator to ensure the site is eligible and safeopen_in_new.


The Community Gardens Programopen_in_new has created templatesopen_in_new for the various documents you will need in your application to help you in the process.

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