Complete court-ordered community service

Community service is offered as a way to satisfy court-ordered fines, costs and fees if you cannot pay due to financial hardship. The community service must provide a genuine benefit to the community and be completed in person at select sites.

  1. Find a site, arrange and schedule community service within two weeks

    Community service hours must be performed at any governmental agency, non-profit organization or other organization that provides services to the general public that enhance social welfare and the general well being of the community (as determined by the court). Hours may also be performed at an educational institution.

    Below are some organizations that have already been vetted by the court and offer community service opportunities.

  2. Use the timekeeper to record and submit your hours.

  3. If you are unable to complete all of your community service hours by the date ordered by a judge, you may come to court to see the walk-in judge to request an extension to complete. A warrant for your arrest may be issued if you fail to complete your community service hours and/or fail to turn the timesheet into the court by the assigned due date, or if you have not been granted an extension by a judge to show completion.

If you represent an educational institution, governmental entity, non-profit organization or another organization that provides services to the general public you can apply to be on the court's list of community service providers.open_in_new

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