Lost ticket

If you lost your citation, such as a speeding ticket or a parking ticket, you can use the Municipal Court's Public Inquiry Portal to find information about and resolve your case.

Parking tickets

For parking tickets, you can search the online portalopen_in_new by license plate number or vehicle identification number (VIN). You will then have various options for resolving your parking ticketopen_in_new.

Tickets not related to parking

For speeding tickets, traffic tickets and other criminal violations you can search the online portalopen_in_new using your last name and date of birth or your license number. You will then be able to pay your fines, request a deferral, request a hearing, or submit documentation to the court to resolve your case.open_in_new

Please be advised that disabled parking violations are criminal violations.

I don't see my citation

It can be that your citation has not yet been filed with the court, please check back weekly or call the court.

The portal only includes information on charges handled by Austin Municipal Court. Typically, that is Class C misdemeanors (fine-only offenses) that occur within City of Austin. However, there are exceptions known as extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). If you cannot find your case in this portal, you may check with the Travis County Justices of the Peaceopen_in_new or with the relevant county courts.

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