July 21, 2022

2021 Annual Report

Office of Police Oversight presents the inaugural annual report about our work from January to December 2021. View the full report hereopen_in_new.

Below are some highlights from our 2021 report.

- In 2021, the Office of Police Oversight received 2,239 contacts from the community.

- Of those more than 2,000 contacts, OPO requested that the Austin Police Department investigate 220 external complaints from the community. 90 of the 220 complaints were investigated. Of the 90 complaints that APD investigated, 16 resulted in sustained policy violations.

- In contrast, the Austin Police Department initiated 130 internal complaints in 2021. APD investigated 114 of the 130 internal complaints. Of the 114 complaints investigated, 60 resulted in sustained policy violations.

- The number of officers who have retired while under investigation has increased, from 2 officers in 2019 to 11 in 2020 and 15 in 2021. When an officer retires or resigns under investigation, it ends the investigation and discipline process as it relates to that officer.

- On December 28, 2021, an arbitration decision was issued. This decision modified the OPO complaint process for 2022.


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