March 18, 2022

Notice of complaint related to 2022-0201

Complainant alleges Austin police officers did not respond to a shooting despite being in close proximity.

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NOTICE OF COMPLAINT March 25, 2022 ICMS #: 2022-0201 On March 18, 2022, the OPO received a phone complaint. The complainant alleges: The complainant was at the when she heard 4 gunshots coming from . She saw a cop standing at the red light right there. The police didn’t react, they just kept going. About 15 minutes later, she heard sirens. There had been a shooting right there where the police had been. The person involved died. Why didn’t the police person react at the time of the shots? This notice of complaint is a request for Internal Affairs to initiate an investigation to determine if the employee conduct is within compliance of APD policy, Civil Service Rules, and Municipal Civil Service Rules.

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