April 18, 2022

Notice of complaint related to 2022-0293

Complainant alleges Austin police officers showed up late to respond to the complainant's called and handled the call unprofessionally.

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NOTICE OF COMPLAINT April 22, 2022 ICMS #: 2022-0293 On April 18, 2022, the OPO received a phone complaint. The complainant alleges: The complainant works for and called APD/911 because there was a gentleman that needed to be escorted from the store. APD did not respond until 35-45 minutes later. When she tried to explain what happened the officer responded with smart remarks. When she responded the same way, he did not like it. The two officers who responded did not listen to her and just walked away. There is not enough being done to make officers realize they need to talk to the public with respect. APD does not come when called and when they do come, they don’t do the job they need to do to make the public feel safe. She was told by APD that the next time she calls she could be in trouble. It is not right for APD to act that way. Very few officers are righteous and care. The only reason they are disrespectful is because they hold a gun or taser. She is tired of APD talking to people any kind of way and making threats to the public. Since defunding, APD has gotten worst. This notice of complaint is a request for Internal Affairs to initiate an investigation to determine if the employee conduct is within compliance of APD policy, Civil Service Rules, and Municipal Civil Service Rules.

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