3 de enero de 2022

Aviso de queja relacionada con 2022-0001

La querellante alega que un oficial de la policía de Austin fue poco profesional y le habló de manera poco respetuosa durante una interacción en un estacionamiento.

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NOTICE OF COMPLAINT January 12, 2022 ICMS #: 2022-0001 On January 3, 2022 the OPO received an online complaint. The complainant alleges: , I was in line for a curbside pickup order at the . After waiting for about 10-15 minutes while management directed traffic in the parking lot, a police officer showed up and began directing traffic. I was next in line to turn into the line of parking and he directed me to pull around the entire parking lot and go to the back of the line behind people who were there after me. (To be clear I was already in the parking lot and not obstructing the roadway.) I rolled down my window to ask if I could pull ahead since I could be further out of the line of traffic by pulling ahead and because I had been in line longer than the people he was directing me to go behind and he immediately treated me with disrespect. He said “do you see this badge?” I said, “yes.” He responded, “then you know I’m a police officer so you have to do what I say.” I told him that’s not exactly the case that just because he is an officer doesn’t mean I can’t ask if I can just move forward. This went back and forth for a couple minutes and I let him know that my girlfriend is an officer which is how I know that he doesn’t have unlimited authority like that. He finally told the manager in the parking lot “don’t serve her.” Which is a complete overstep and an officer does not get to decide who a private company serves and who they do not serve. They still served me, but he had no business doing that, and this officer quite evidently doesn’t understand the limits on his authority. After getting my groceries, I walked up to get his name and badge number. He asked for my name and I told him that I didn’t have to give him that information. Then to try to further escalate the situation he said, “Your girlfriend must really like you.” I assured him that she does, and sarcastically responds, “oh I can tell.” This is an officer blatantly trying to overuse authority and further escalate confrontation instead of doing what someone who “serves and protects” should do. His last comment was completely unprofessional and I cannot imagine how someone paid by tax dollars thinks that that’s an okay way to talk to people and someone who’s trained to “deescalate” uses that training. This notice of complaint is a request for Internal Affairs to initiate an investigation to determine if the employee conduct is within compliance of APD policy, Civil Service Rules, and Municipal Civil Service Rules.

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