12 de enero de 2022

Aviso de queja relacionada con 2022-0028

El querellante alega que los oficiales de la policía de Austin no están investigando el robo de su propiedad.

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NOTICE OF COMPLAINT January 12, 2022 ICMS #: 2022-0028 On January 10, 2022 the OPO received an email complaint. The complainant alleges: Dear Detective, , This email results as a reflective addendum to our most recent conversation. I have considered our discussion and I felt it necessary to place in writing my feelings. I have attached a copy of the email that I composed and submitted to the Leadership Austin Team immediately after the criminals from victimized me by committing this heinous crime of robbery in my home. I want to reinforce that this egregious act was perpetrated under the guise of the federally mandated weatherization program designed by the City of Austin as an aide to the most vulnerable in our community. To qualify for this program, one must meet the criteria designed by the application process established by the City of Austin Weatherization Department. Primarily, the applicant must be in the class of the most vulnerability in our community. After I failed to reason with girlfriend, the , and to have and return the items that were stolen from me, I initiated a complaint with the City of Austin Police Department. After my initial complaint was heard and received, my case was assigned to Detective I have never made it a secret that my most sincere desire was that I wanted all of my items returned to me. I submitted correspondence to Detective via email, and my only conversation with Detective resulted from his attempt to learn from me the federal status of this criminal activity perpetrated by these criminals from . Shortly after Detective learned the federal position of my complaint, I lost the ability to interact with Detective either by email or by phone. I have since learned from Officer (Commander) and from you, Detective that Detective has been out for an extended period due to Covid. I am saddened that the severity of my complaint and the extent of this organized crime was not given more consideration neither then, nor now, due to the protected classes affected by these heinous actions. NOTICE OF COMPLAINT During our most recent conversation, you suggested to me that I should just forget about this heinous crime that was perpetrated on me. Again, I say to you madame, that this robbery seemingly was committed as organized crime. The extent of this atrocious robbery far exceeds the parameters of petty thief. These contemptible actions should have been pursued within the realms of a justifiable resolution as the aim. I have repeatably asked for all of my items to be returned. I initiated this request with the initial call that I placed to girlfriend. I asked her to tell and that I want my items returned. I followed up the call with at and then with , the . (See attached notes). You suggested that my pursuit to retrieve my property, and or justice that is inclusive of alarming relevant authorities about this organized crime causes detrimental stress. You suggested that the ongoing pursuit of justice could likely stress me to the extent that it will kill me. Might I suggest to you that the stress of recurrently evidencing the extent, in my home, of this odious crime committed on me, compounds the stress that you have suggested. The knowledge that my complaint was minimized and not pursued farther compounds this stress. Knowledge that the Austin Police Department failed me, and other protected individuals causes this stress. This is the stress that exacerbate my medical, and physical condition. The perception that nothing was done by authorities, or the Detectives for Austin Police Department intensifies this stress and could conclude in a severe detriment to me When I verbalized my apprehensive feelings to you resulting from this reprehensible crime committed in my home, you suggested to me that I sell my home. This is my home. I choose this home and my husband initiated the purchased of it for me. Water shed Protection has used my home as contentious discussion for many years. I have lived here for almost 40 years. I have been harassed and victimized in my home. I made references of these occurrences during my conversations with you. This is my home. Questioned has been posed as to how my husband and I got this house. , from watershed protection, said “they told not to build this home. “ My home, here, the one that I currently live in. I had nothing to do with the building of this home. I do not k now who they are, however, I feel that they are inclusive of elements within the City of Austin who have seemingly colluded against me to lead to the objectionable offense of thief in my home. I feel that I was set up for this crime to be perpertrated. I honestly appreciate the time you spent in discussion with me. Now, understand my stance; these vile elements not only violated the sanctity of my home, but they also intentionally inflicted harm to my property, cause despair and committed atrocities that I shall never be able to reconcile mentally, emotionally, or maybe financially. These vile conspirators stole things, memorabilia NOTICE OF COMPLAINT that I shall never be able to replace. They destroyed my property and caused farther damage to my home. Currently there is such a disarray in my home it is overwhelming and unimaginable. Ineffective authoritative follow-up seemingly resulted in the current success of their actions. (My property was not returned to me). and need to know and fully understand the repercussions of these reprehensible actions against state and federal law along with other unimaginable civil, criminal and humanitarian offences. They need to endure the consequences for the crimes that they intentionally choose to commit on me as organized crime or even potentially a hate crime. Additionally Detective I am still troubled that the comfort advisor announced, as he walked into my home, “I am a conservative.” Additionally, the comfort advisor cased my home and took pictures of every inch of my home that I feel was outside of the scope that should be considered weatherization procedures. The thief perpetrated targeted designer clothes, shoes, bags, luggage, my 10 year anniversary Mikimoto pearls, my 5th year anniversary gold faced Minnie mouse watch, personal hygiene items, my antique white tortoise shell glasses along with new 300.00 blue JFK frame glasses, My birthday present water pick toothbrush, furs, art authentic blue Picasso, a gold gilded painting autographed to me by , my former art teacher, old military paintings, the identical match of the picture of that is housed at the , my husband’s stamp collection, my collection of Negro League baseball caps and many other items. The art alone supersedes the insurance value that I carried on my home. Since I am of the protected classes, Disabled, senior citizen and a Black woman, I would like for this to be identified as a hate crime and I want to file a hate crime complaint using whatever processes are necessary to initiate this process. On your police report that I will submit to my insurance, please indicate the reasons that my case was not pursued. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, cc. Police Oversight NOTICE OF COMPLAINT Sargent Detective This notice of complaint is a request for Internal Affairs to initiate an investigation to determine if the employee conduct is within compliance of APD policy, Civil Service Rules, and Municipal Civil Service Rules.

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