21 de enero de 2022

Aviso de queja relacionada con 2022-0048

El querellante alega que un oficial de la policía de Austin golpeó de manera agresiva la puerta del querellante haciendo que se sintiera abrumado e inseguro.

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NOTICE OF COMPLAINT January 21, 2022 ICMS #: 2022-0048 On January 21, 2022 the OPO received an online complaint. The complainant alleges: At I noticed 2 cop cars sitting in my apt parking lot. We have homeless around so I didn’t pay it attention. An hour later @ While I’m in class remotely taking a test. Someone starts banging on my door. I look and see someone hiding and some of an APD badge on the arm no name no nothing. He continues pounding while another person starts looking through my windows and shining his light into my house. Pounding as loud as possible for 20 minutes. .After they left a half hour later I open the door. There’s no card. No paperwork. No nothing. No identification.I have diagnosed PTSD/panic/anxiety disorder from my interactions with APD and domestic violence ongoing issues and lawsuits, and I have reported these issues w/OPO no follow up from We have a NEW police chief(hired from w/in the same old dept). We froze cadet training. This dept is known for excessive force and shooting at the public and lying about it on record. That’s why we hired a new Chief.I do not interact or entertain this dept. I can’t even call them when I have a 911 emergency! Which is why my mental health continues to be affected. I want to file a complaint. About this interaction. Those officers- and I want it recorded on their records. I want their names, who was dispatched & why, and their badge numbers. Our police Dept has no business interacting with the public in this fashion. I was in the privacy of my own home and still felt threatened, scared to death of how they approached me. And I was clearly not breaking any laws and still had that kind of interaction. This notice of complaint is a request for Internal Affairs to initiate an investigation to determine if the employee conduct is within compliance of APD policy, Civil Service Rules, and Municipal Civil Service Rules.

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