28 de febrero de 2022

Aviso de queja relacionada con 2022-0132

El querellante alega que los oficiales de la policía de Austin no le han respondido y han provisto muy poca información sobre una investigación en progreso.

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NOTICE OF COMPLAINT March 4, 2022 ICMS #: 2022-0132 On February 28, 2022 the OPO received an email complaint. The complainant alleges: My client, , was involved in a crash on . Per the attached police report, the other driver had stolen the vehicle used in the crash and then fled the scene. My client has full coverage under his auto insurance, and as such, will be covered for all damages. However, the issue here is that in order for the insurance company to cover any costs, they need an update on the investigation. Understandably, too. According to the police report, the officer or investigator had several follow-up steps to conduct. The investigating officer, , called my client one time. He supplied the investigation number and that there would be more information to come. This accident happened in and there has not been any other follow-up contact. I tried contacting the investigating officer, at ten times over 3 weeks. I also text messaged. I have not gotten a single response. I called Austin 3-1-1 twice to find out what’s going on. They confirmed the investigating officer and his phone number, tried to reach him twice to no avail, and opened a claim. I called back and found out that Austin 3-1-1 was backed up, but that I would absolutely hear back. On , APD called on request , talked to my partner on the phone, seemed alarmed that a person actually answered, was transferred to me and left a voicemail, which I will be keeping as evidence. The voicemail states the case would be kept open for “an hour or two,” at which time they would attempt to contact me a second time. Please let it be known, I turned my volume on high and waited by my phone. Since no call back number was provided and we need results, I cancelled all plans and waited. APD did not call back. Nobody called back. Furthermore, it’s wildly unprofessional to call a law firm on a weekend for an investigation that requires answers, knowing that it’s likely the caller won’t get a human to speak to. Today, I was notified that the case was closed. There are obviously several oversights here. NOTICE OF COMPLAINT First, I need an update on the investigation to supply to my client’s insurance carrier. Second, I would like the investigating officer written up for his failure to cooperate or at least inform my client of the ongoing investigation. Finally, I would like the full name of the caller from who said she would call back and never did, resulting in my case being frivolously closed. I would like her written up as well. Please contact me at to discuss further. This notice of complaint is a request for Internal Affairs to initiate an investigation to determine if the employee conduct is within compliance of APD policy, Civil Service Rules, and Municipal Civil Service Rules.

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